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Able Wire EDM, Inc. is committed to providing only the highest quality products and services to our customers.

For over 29 years our team has continuously developed and improved manufacturing methods to ensure we meet and exceed our customers' needs.

Able Wire EDM, Inc. maintains a safe working environment where our employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence.

The result of these targeted efforts allows us to strive to be the industry standard in service to our customers while maintaining a superior level of integrity in interactions with business partners and associates in this ever changing economy.

Wire EDM

Able Wire EDM has customized sub-micron plunge EDM capabilities as well as 25 micron Wire EDM capability. Wire EDM is a process where a wire typically .004" inch to .012" inch in diameter is electrically charged at a very high voltage, and used to cut precision shapes in prismatic components. The wire is passed from one spool to another and is guided by and an upper and lower guide as it cuts.

Sinker EDM

Electric discharge machining (EDM) began with the plunge type machining process. Typically called to as Sinker EDM but sometimes also referred to as spark machining, spark eroding, burning or die sinking. It's a manufacturing process where the desired shape is "cut" into the workpiece by eroding the material around the "cutter" using electrical discharges (sparks).

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling is the most common form of CNC. CNC mills can perform the functions of drilling and often turning. CNC Mills are classified according to the number of axes that they possess. Axes are labeled as x and y for horizontal movement, and z for vertical movement, as shown in this view of a manual mill table.

Small Hole EDM Drilling

Small Hole EDM is a specialized component of electrical discharge machining. A small hollow electrode spins about a spindle much like a drill and drill bit (edm drill). The electrode is electrically charged by a servo-controlled generator producing the spark. Water based dielectric flushes through and around the electrode providing a controlled environment for the spark to jump to the work piece.

Our speciality:

Electrical Discharge Machining or E.D.M.

...and some other cool machining type stuff too.

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